The BPAS Advantage

At BPAS, we’ve made it our business to serve clients—making retirement planning easier, more effective, and more enjoyable, with less work for everyone. Through our Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services division, we partner with Advisors and Corporate Trustees to deliver a seamless combination of local and national resources in support of today’s retirement plans. This partnership is called “Roadways to Retirement.”

Within Roadways, BPAS delivers a unique, vertically integrated solution—acting as recordkeeper, third-party administrator, clearing firm and asset custodian under one roof. This solution delivers simplicity and accountability, with a “single point of contact” service for employers.  Our partners work with clients on fiduciary services, relationship management needs and onsite participant education. This coordinated approach drives successful outcomes while addressing the full range of client needs.

Our integrated service model offers distinct advantages over other platforms, which may have as many as three or even four firms involved in basic service delivery. By using a single platform as our recordkeeping and trust system, we’ve eliminated the full range of “plan to trust reconciliation” issues commonly seen in the industry. Now, all parties are able to focus their attention on driving plan success measures and improving outcomes.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive administration and advanced plan consulting to simplify life for HR professionals (we’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to)
  • A unique bundled solution that includes all compliance testing, employer allocations, Form 5500 preparation, audit support, and plan document services
  • True open architecture on plan investments, with no proprietary funds
  • A competitive fee structure, with full fee transparency and level compensation by fund
  • Leading-edge technologies, including our participant and plan sponsor websites which continuously evolve with marketplace trends
  • A focus on helping participants improve their retirement readiness and retire with dignity—including our robust, interactive Participant Education Center
  • Quarterly statements, newsletters, enrollment kits, and powerful e-delivery options that keep participants fully engaged in the plan
  • A full-service, US-based call center to help participants with their daily needs
  • Dedicated Plan Consultant (for your plan) with in-depth knowledge of both the industry and specific client needs
  • Administrative support for plan features such as auto-enrollment and escalation; online enrollment; online beneficiary designation; loan outsourcing; and more

Designed For

Our Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services division brings the features demanded in the large plan marketplace to employers of all sizes—supporting plans from 10 to 10,000 eligible employees.

Features include:

  • Eligibility determination by source
  • Real-time vesting updates
  • Fully outsourced loan, hardship, and distribution processing
  • Automatic and online enrollment
  • Web-based dynamic forms
  • Participant e-signature, and more

Our comprehensive approach delivers dramatic benefits to Human Resources (HR) and reduces the time most HR professionals must spend on the plan by 40% or more, when all of our services are embraced.

Our Roadways to Retirement program is offered in partnership with Advisors and Corporate Trustees, who vie in the retirement plan business. These firms provide fiduciary, relationship management, and participant education services, while BPAS provides the full range of administration, recordkeeping and consulting services. Together, we help plans comply with IRS and Department of Labor regulations, while striving toward the goal of wealth accumulation and helping participants retire with dignity.

Additional Reading

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Defined Contribution Plans

BPAS provides Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services for the full range of Defined Contribution Plans, including Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, 401(k), ERISA and non-ERISA 403(b) Plans, Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage, Taft-Hartley, 457(b), 457(f), Municipal 457, 409(A), IRA programs, and more.

Specialty Offerings and Services

In addition to the above, BPAS also specializes in providing Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services to the following types of plans:

  • Multiple Employer Plans (Open or Closed MEPs)
  • Multiple Employer Trusts (METs)
  • Plans with Employer Securities (ESOPs, kSOPs, and 401(k) Plans)
  • 1081 Retirement Plans (Puerto Rico)
  • Any DC Plan with Auto Features (Auto Enrollment/Auto Escalation)

Special DC Product Features

Special DC Product Features
Payroll provider integration 180- and 360-degree integration with a growing list of payroll providers which allows clients to work with “best in class” providers rather than merely bundling DC administration with a payroll company for the sake of convenience.
Integration with financial planning sites The BPAS website integrates with, eMoney Advisor, and other financial planning sites that use screen-scraping technology. When participants enable these apps, their daily balances and activities are integrated to a single financial planning experience.
Mobile app Participants enjoy 24/7 secure access to their retirement plan via a smartphone or tablet. Our websites are also optimized for mobile access, making account access fast and easy from anywhere, any time.
Investment flexibility With the Schwab PCRA brokerage window, participants are able to invest in a broad array of securities outside the plan’s core menu, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and more, for up to 90% of their account balance (a plan-level election).
Participant advice options For plans that want to go beyond guidance and education, BPAS offers various third-party advice programs. Contact us for more information.
A focus on participant outcomes A gap analysis calculator in the participant website, along with numerous on-demand sponsor-level reports, help assess overall plan health, at both the plan and participant levels.
MyPlanLoan A value-add service for employers who want to get out of the loan business and/or provide a compassionate solution for employees who terminate employment with an outstanding loan. BPAS handles all matters of loan administration, including participant billing, collection, and reporting.
AutoRollovers Through our AutoRollover service, BPAS can assist plan sponsors with removing terminated participants with balances under $5,000 from their plan. This solution is also used by approximately 130 other service providers for this segment of their business.
3(16) Administrative Services For plan sponsors looking for additional fiduciary protection, BPAS offers 3(16) Administrative Services, including additional reporting and disclosure services, QDRO assistance, and more.

With flexible open-architecture solutions; technologies that delight participants and reduce work for HR professionals; a full spectrum of investment and fiduciary services; a focus on service; and our one company-one call mantra, BPAS Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services can breathe new life into your retirement program.

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