Better Together

BPAS Health Benefits Consulting has partnered with OneGroup Employee Benefits & HR Consulting to bring you the most comprehensive health benefits consulting solutions in the industry–spanning the entire continuum of insured and self-insured options.

BPAS & OneGroup bring combined expertise in employee benefits & HR consulting, actuarial services, and analytics that can help truly refine your benefit strategies, effectively select and manage your partners, maximize your value, improve employee relations, and most importantly, make your life easier.

As sister companies, we operate as one company working as one team with one focus and one mission: serve each client as our one client. With thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, evidence-based analytics, and technology-based solutions, we’ll help you find answers, implement solutions, and anticipate outcomes with a level of service rarely found in today’s marketplace.

Key Features

BPAS & OneGroup: Partners to Your Success

Our combined expertise in employee benefits consulting, actuarial services, brokerage, analytics, and HR consulting will help refine your benefit strategies and plan design, and select and manage providers through an independent, transparent, proven service model.

The rising cost of health benefits and the aging demographics of many workers have placed tremendous pricing pressures on employers’ abilities to provide competitive and cost-effective health and welfare benefits to their employees. Let our team of professional consultants and credentialed actuaries guide you with critical actuarial and data analytics to:

  • Evaluate how your benefit plan is working for your organization
  • Refine your benefit strategies and plan designs
  • Select the right administrator
  • Manage financial risk
  • Negotiate the right benefits contracts
  • Evaluate health risks in your employee population and the effectiveness of your plan networks, emerging costs, and risks
  • Select and manage providers

Only BPAS & OneGroup can bring you fully integrated consulting expertise, actuarial services, and data analytics under one company, one call.

Designed For

Our services are designed to help employers address challenges and align benefit plans with their organizational, financial, and human resource strategies.

Benefits & HR Consulting:

  • Plan design and strategic benefits planning
  • Comprehensive consulting/brokerage services
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Renewal negotiations
  • Plan compliance and legislative updates
  • Collective bargaining support
  • HR consulting and management support

Actuarial Services:

  • Retiree group health benefits valuations
  • Premium equivalent and COBRA rate development
  • Incurred but unreported claim reserve analysis
  • Medicare Part D attestations
  • Health trend analysis
  • Health plan budget and variance forecast analysis


  • Benefits administration and onboarding platform
  • ACA tracking and reporting
  • Population risk, cost, and utilization analytics
  • Evidence-based care analytics for chronic conditions

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