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Mashed Potato Pricing

Mashed-Potato Pricing in DC Plans: How to Reclaim the Upper Hand

The goal of a fiduciary process is not to offer the cheapest fees, but rather determine what services the plan needs, then find the best quality of services at reasonable, competitive fees—driving value for the plan. We’ve allowed the selection of retirement plan service providers to slip into “mashed potato pricing”.

May 22, 2019

Creative practices by providers in how they bid retirement plans are great. But, how much additional liability do they create for plan sponsors? Let’s say you want to add a spare...

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Why You Should Choose BPAS as Your ESOP/kSOP Provider

There aren’t many administration firms that really understand ESOPs and kSOPs. But we do. Read this blog post to find out how we can help.

Aug 28, 2018

Do you feel like a fish out of water with your current ESOP/kSOP provider? If you feel like your current ESOP/kSOP provider doesn’t really get you, you’re not alone. Few administration...

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Clearing The Fog: A New Tool for Plan Sponsors

With new Department of Labor regulations, BPAS has created “Clearing the Fog” a new tool for plan sponsors to determine key issues related to their plan.

Aug 02, 2016

Revisiting Regulations Considering new Department of Labor fiduciary regulations taking effect in 2017, most retirement service providers are performing a comprehensive review of their business models and strategies, including their deliverables...

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