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Hand Benefits & Trust Company (HB&T), a BPAS company, is located in Houston, Texas. 

As a state-chartered trust company regulated by the Texas Department of Banking, HB&T is an institutional trust company with a unique set of skills. Chief among these is providing daily valuation accounting and unitization for Collective Investment Funds (CIFs). These portfolios may be for large, trustee-directed plans seeking daily valuation, or for financial intermediaries who wish to offer daily valued collective funds in the marketplace. We also assist in placing these portfolios on the NSCC, where they can be traded by virtually any daily valuation recordkeeper. HB&T believes in a culture of fiduciary responsibility, which is indispensable to the long-term success of our clients.  

Hand Securities, Inc. (HSI) is our in-house broker dealer subsidiary through which BPAS initiates mutual fund trades. HSI also facilitates the ongoing pricing of plans, allowing us to consolidate revenue recapture activities (e.g., 12b-1s, shareholder servicing fees, etc).