The BPAS Advantage

While a primary focus at BPAS is to deliver a robust daily valuation solution to clients and partners, we also offer BPAS TPA Services. This group brings an experienced team of Plan Consultants who work with clients on a number of outside recordkeeping platforms. We offer comprehensive plan design, plan document services, annual compliance testing, contribution calculations, and signature-ready Form 5500 preparation to help plan sponsors meet annual filing requirements.

Key Features

  • A full array of TPA services, including: plan document and amendment services; all required compliance tests; calculation of year-end allocations (including “true up” allocations); processing of forfeitures; preparation of signature-ready Form 5500 and schedules; audit support; preparation of participant notices; and assisting in routine questions and transactions throughout the year
  • Partnerships with a range of outside recordkeeping platforms
  • Full range of optional services available, including loan administration
  • A consultative approach to plan design
  • A seamless service experience

Designed For

TPA Services is best suited for:

  • Smaller plans that are already using an outside recordkeeping platform who do not wish to change platforms
  • Employers looking for an “unbundled,” consultative approach to the day-to-day administration of their retirement plan
  • Employers wanting to work with a national recordkeeping platform provider, yet keep the TPA services separate

Additional Reading

Types of plans we service:

  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Money Purchase Pension Plan

Our Expertise Means Your Peace of Mind

We provide the complete scope of TPA services for your plan. We sponsor a non-proprietary plan document that gives us the flexibility to make changes to the design of your plan as your needs change. Our Plan Consultants will work with you to design a plan that meets your retirement goals and objectives. As your workforce, goals, and objectives change, our team of experts will make suggestions on how to amend the plan to continue to meet your needs.

Your dedicated Plan Consultant will provide you with all of the compliance testing required for your type of plan. This[SP1]  includes a calculation of year-end allocations (including “true up” allocations) and forfeitures, a signature-ready Form 5500 and any associated schedules. Your Plan Consultant will also assist with audit support as well as routine questions and transactions throughout the year.

BPAS TPA Services’ Plan Consultants support more than 800 DC plans. All Plan Consultants participate in ongoing training and credentialing through the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). This education allows them to understand and respond to our clients’ retirement plan needs through high-quality consulting services, while being proactive on plan design and compliance matters.

BPAS TPA Services will work in conjunction with recordkeepers across the nation to provide a superior level of service and ensure the long-term success of DC plans.


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