408(b)(2) Point of Sale Disclosure

Supplemental Information

This page provides supplemental information to plan sponsors as part of their initial 408(b)(2) disclosure from BPAS (the “point of sale” disclosure), along with certain other documents required to be furnished to plan sponsors at the outset of a retirement plan relationship.

Sample Disclosure Templates

Based on the scope of services being provided to your plan by BPAS and our financial intermediary partner, one of the following templates will be used for your plan. Select the template that matches the configuration as outlined on the fee page provided to your plan:

Complete List of Traded Funds With Revenue Sharing Information

BPAS operates an open architecture platform, currently trading over 2,600 tickers from more than 250 fund families in total (and adding new funds or fund families to meet the needs of our clients). Realizing that final fund menus are often not selected until later in the conversion process, and that investment menus are subject to change over time, we have furnished the entire list of funds currently traded on the BPAS platform along with complete information on revenue sharing payments (including the breakdown of 12b-1 fees and sub-transfer agent payments).

Note: In the case of plans sold with a broker / dealer partner, 12b-1 payments are normally directed to the outside broker as part of its fee schedule, while sub-transfer agent fees are directed to BPAS to be used as part of its fee arrangement. For all other configurations, both 12b-1 and sub-transfer agent fees directed to BPAS to be used as part of the overall fee arrangement. Please see the fee page provided to your plan for specific information on the handling and offset of such payments.

Our complete list of traded funds with accompanying revenue sharing data can be found here: 408(b)(2) Full Fund List

This file is updated periodically to capture any new funds or fund families, changes to revenue sharing information, and other updates to fund-specific information (name changes, ticker symbol changes, fund mergers and more).