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Harbridge Consulting Group (Harbridge) is the largest actuarial practice group in Upstate New York. We have the expertise to assist companies in developing and executing pension plan strategies that address financial and human resource objectives and enhance employee understanding and appreciation of the benefit.

Harbridge has the knowledge and expertise to perform valuations and administer defined benefit pension plans.

  • Staff - our staff consists of fourteen credentialed actuaries and three Certified Employee Benefits Specialists. More than one-third of our credentialed actuaries have possessed their credentials for an average of 11 years and our professional staff has an average of 11 years of benefits experience. We have continually developed our credentialed actuarial and other professional staff to meet the needs of our growing client base.
  • Skills - we have vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of defined benefit plans from single participant plans up to plans with over 18,000 participants.
  • Solutions - Harbridge works both for and with our clients to provide solutions to issues arising in the defined benefit arena. We have worked with our clients to redesign their plans to make them more effective in attracting and retaining employees. From cash balance plans to qualified supplemental executive benefits, Harbridge is constantly working to provide innovative solutions to pension plan issues.
  • Participant Services - Our entire organization is committed to working with clients to help educate employees on the value of their Pension Plan. Our Pension Web Estimator provides employees with online access to plan information and our benefit modeling tool. Our Participant Statements provide employees with required Defined Benefit Plan financial information.

Employers who sponsor defined benefit plans help their employees prepare for their financial stability upon retirement. This is accomplished through a retirement vehicle in which the employer, not the employee, bears the investment risk. Harbridge has the expertise to assist employers in providing for these benefits in a tax advantageous way, and to better communicate the benefits that they are providing to Plan participants. Our dedicated staff can work with Plan sponsors to evaluate the design or possible redesign of the plan in order to provide benefits in a manner that is more valuable and appreciated by participants. In addition, our staff has expert knowledge in performing non-discrimination testing, preparing government filings, and providing all forms of compliance review.


Harbridge has the ability to perform recurring actuarial valuations for any type of qualified or non-qualified pension plan; from the simplest to the most complex, including hybrid plans. We perform calculations for both funding requirements and financial accounting under SFAS #87, SFAS #132 and SFAS #158.

Plan Design

Harbridge assists our clients with the design of their overall retirement program, within the scope of their total compensation strategy and which provides meaningful benefits for their employees. Our plan design consulting encompasses both defined benefit and defined contribution approaches as well as tax-qualified and non-qualified arrangements.

Government Filings

Harbridge has the ability to prepare government filings for our clients. We have staff members who specialize in Form 5500 preparation. Our experts will ensure that your plan return is complete and accurate. We also complete client filings for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and work with our clients to assist them in reducing the premiums that are required to be paid to the PBGC.

Supplemental Plans

Harbridge works with many of our clients in designing or re-designing Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans for specific employees. In addition to these non-qualified plans, we have created Qualified Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans for our clients. These provisions allow clients to shift a portion of the benefit from a non-qualified plan to a qualified plan. This results in a win-win situation for both the client, who can now pre-fund the benefit in a tax-deductible vehicle, and the employee, whose benefits have been shifted to a qualified plan, which is protected under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and enjoys favorable tax treatment.


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