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Employers face tremendous pressure to deliver competitive yet cost effective health and welfare benefits to their employees. This pressure has increased in recent years as health care cost increases have accelerated. Harbridge Consulting Group delivers a broad range of benefit consulting services, including: Plan Design, Vendor Selection and Management, Actuarial Analysis, Plan Compliance and Financial and Risk Management.

The rising cost of health care benefits and the aging demographics of many Employers' workforces have placed tremendous pricing pressures on Employers' abilities to provide competitive and cost effective health and welfare benefits to their employees. Harbridge Consulting Group delivers a broad range of health and welfare consulting services.

Plan Design

We create plan designs that are based on each client's business and human resource strategies, the characteristics of its employee population, competitive market norms and trends, and careful analysis of the incentives that may impact health care utilization.

Vendor Selection and Management

We manage competitive bid processes, negotiate contract renewals, and advocate on behalf of our clients in resolving contract performance and service issues with insurers, third party administrators, and prescription benefit managers.

Actuarial Analysis

As health plan costs continue to rise, the quality and accuracy of health plan cost projections become increasingly important. Our staff of five credentialed health care actuaries applies sound actuarial analysis to the valuation of plan amendments, reserve liabilities, premium equivalent rates, and risk adjusted pricing for multiple plan options, geographies, or populations.

Plan Compliance

We provide support to our clients and their legal counsel in addressing health and welfare plan compliance issues including:

  • ADEA
  • ERISA documentation, disclosure, and reporting
  • application of Internal Revenue Code provisions

Financial and Risk Management

We help clients with a wide range of engagements, including self-insurance feasibility studies, claim audits, automated claim testing, plan funding analyses, and due diligence reviews.


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