DB 360

DB 360: A New Direction for the Defined Benefit Plan Market

We are pleased to announce the launch of DB 360, our comprehensive BPAS outsourcing solution for the Defined Benefit market. Through the DB 360, we offer fully-bundled retirement plan services to Defined Benefit plans, including actuarial, administrative, communication, investment, and payer services.

The BPAS Advantage

With DB 360, plans at BPAS will enjoy savings in time, money, and simplified administration by having a single service provider and a dedicated team of consultants managing the entire pension relationship. Our full-service menu also provides accurate processing and reporting through a single data source, comprehensive employee communication, and combined maintenance of participant and plan data in a single system.

To learn more about the DB 360 solution at BPAS, click here to read additional details. Visit us at bpas.com or contact us at TrustSales@bpas.com or 866-401-5272 for more information.