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BPAS is a national provider of administration, actuarial, consulting and institutional trust services to a diverse array of clients spanning the United States and Puerto Rico. We service over 3,600 retirement plans and 350,000 plan participants in total, through partnerships with over 220 financial intermediaries nationwide. With nine offices and 250 employees, BPAS is truly a national organization, but one that is comfortably mid-sized. Given the large scale consolidation our industry has experienced, our size is a decided advantage of BPAS.

BPAS is a firm with an intriguing combination of strengths and expertise. Our administrative services business entails a pragmatic combination of systems and people. We have found new ways to solve old problems by challenging traditional paradigms and capitalizing on a unique corporate structure in which all administrative, clearing and custodial services are provided under one roof. Our consulting and actuarial services include Harbridge Consulting Group, a practice we acquired from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 2003. Harbridge offers consulting expertise of the highest caliber, yet at rates that are compelling when viewed against “big four” competitors.  

Without question, BPAS brings a new slant to the well-treaded areas of DC and DB administration. Yet we are also willing to tackle certain niche needs we find in the marketplace. This includes programs such as Section 125 Plan administration, FAS 106 and GASB 45 valuations, pension and health plan consulting, daily administration of Collective Investment Funds, a turnkey solution for Automatic Rollovers, IRA administration for financial intermediaries, and more. Our skill set continues to evolve in response to marketplace needs and regulatory changes.